“Celebrating” Divorce: Concord Divorce Lawyers Help Ex-Couples Cope

The post-divorce stage is always the hardest part. However, in recent times, many ex-couples have worked their way around this by…well, throwing a cake party.

A number of event planners have added divorce to the list of occasions they now cater to, with some celebrators shelling out as much as $25,000 for a divorce party. Many of the events are subtle slap-in-the-ex-spouse’s-face type of celebrations, but others are even jointly co-hosted by the newly-divorced couple.

So what do family law attorneys have to say about this? Associated Press writer Leanne Italie quotes one.

“For divorce, that means the final date of divorce, when all of the hard work and emotions are over. It used to mean going out with buddies. Then there was the era of sending a divorce card, then the trip to Las Vegas, and now parties."

For the record, divorce is hardly a good thing. However, in many occasions, it also offers the only viable resolution for a couple who want to get on with their lives separately. Coping with divorce is often difficult, but a party can ease much of the emotional burden, celebrating the beginning of freedom. As a divorced husband in Texas tells Italie:

"We wanted to do something that expressed the fact that we were doing the divorce not so much as an end of our relationship but as us moving into things like co-parenting and co-business management."

To make a proper start, post-divorce, it is important to make the necessary preparations. This involves taking stock of financial situations, as well as settling issues that could create conflicts down the road, such as child custody. Reputable New Hampshire divorce lawyers like Upton & Hatfield, LLP can help divorcing individuals prepare for the difficult road ahead.

While their clients try to cope with the expected emotional strain of divorce, Concord divorce lawyers can handle the nitty-gritty of the process, including the filing of the necessary documents and getting these processed in the legal system. Likewise, these attorneys can objectively guide clients on financial goals, and in ironing out any outstanding issues involving both parties, such as mortgages and property separation.

With everything settled, the timing would be perfect to have some cake.
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