What NH Employment Lawyers Need to Know About Your Case

What information should a victim of employment discrimination provide to their attorney?

NH employment lawyers should have the important details of any employment discrimination case if they are to present the best case possible on behalf of their client. In this video, Upton & Hatfield employment attorneys Lauren Simon Irwin and Heather M. Burns discuss the information they look for when first meeting with a client.

Any labor attorney in NH will tell you that getting all of the facts of the case is essential, and attorneys rely on the information given by the potential client to determine how to proceed with the case at this early stage. This video gives you information on the kind of information you should provide and other facts NH employment lawyers look for.

When a client brings a case to Upton & Hatfield's employment lawyers, they can expect special attention to detail and a search for the facts. If you'd like more information about pursuing a workplace discrimination case in NH, you can find resources on the Upton & Hatfield website, or by contacting the employment group today.