Discrimination Settlement Length From Start to Finish

How long does a typical employment discrimination case last?

How long does a typical employment discrimination trial take? When will I receive a settlement? Once people decide to pursue a discrimination case against their employer, they often ask how long it will take before the matter is resolved. The Upton & Hatfield team of employment discrimination attorneys has years of experience in this field and can provide you with insight about your case, the average length of time to resolution, and other questions you might have about your discrimination trial.

The short answer is that discrimination cases take a significant amount of time in New Hampshire. A claim’s length can vary, but the law does set a specific time frame in which a claim must first be filed, which can be as little as 180 days. If you are considering a discrimination case it is important that you act quickly to ensure your case is filed timely. Want to know about discrimination trials, discrimination process length, and other matters relating to employment discrimination? Upton & Hatfield attorneys can answer your questions.

For more information regarding employment discrimination and your rights under the law in New Hampshire, reach out to Upton & Hatfield with your questions.