What You Need to Know About NH's Labor Laws

What is the employment discrimination statute of limitations in New Hampshire?

If you are considering a workplace discrimination lawsuit, it helps to know a bit about NH labor laws before filing. One of the most important NH employment laws to know as an employee is the statute of limitations regarding the initial filing of your case. In this video, Upton & Hatfield attorneys discuss the time employees have under state law to file a discrimination case.

Filing a state case before the NH Commission for Human Rights must be done within 180 days of the last date of discrimination. This could be a date of termination, for example. In certain case, a charge may be filed up to 300 days from the date of alleged discrimination. If you are beyond 180 days, you still may be able to seek some relief. Consulting an attorney with your NH employment laws questions is an important step in filing a discrimination suit. Upton & Hatfield's employment discrimination attorneys are able to take your case to trial if needed to get you a fair and reasonable award.

If you have questions about NH labor laws or would like to speak to an attorney about your workplace discrimination concerns, contact the employment discrimination team at Upton & Hatfield.