Understanding Medical Malpractice Laws in NH

What is the definition of medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice laws in NH are complex, but the first thing you need to know if you think you are a victim of medical malpractice is its definition under the law. This video discusses what constitutes medical malpractice and how medical malpractice laws in NH can impact a case.

Medical malpractice is a violation of a standard care that results in patient injury. This could include serious and permanent injury, a missed diagnosis, or even death.

Because of the complex nature of medical malpractice law, it has become its own area of law practice. Upton & Hatfield has its own medical malpractice law group with attorneys highly experienced in malpractice cases. Whether it is negotiating a settlement or taking the case to a jury trial, a thorough understanding of medical malpractice laws, the medical industry, hospital practices, and other areas of the medical profession are crucial to winning a case. Upton & Hatfield has a diverse team, including attorneys, nurses, and specialized personnel who concentrate on malpractice litigation, to assist with medical malpractice cases.