Medical Malpractice Settlements in New Hampshire

How does a medical malpractice victim know how much their case is worth?

In NH, medical malpractice settlements can vary in amounts depending on the case. This video discusses what victims of medical malpractice in NH can expect for a settlement amount with the attorneys from the medical malpractice group at Upton & Hatfield.

While NH medical malpractice settlements can vary in amount depending on a wide range of factors, attorneys in the Upton & Hatfield medical malpractice group have years of experience from which to draw their analysis about the factors that can influence your settlement amount. The attorneys have handled cases which have resulted in both negotiating settlements and taking cases to jury trial. Taking a case before a jury, as opposed to negotiating a medical malpractice settlement, is one factor that can influence the amount of the award, and should be part of the discussion when consulting any medical malpractice attorney.