What You Need to Know About Job Discrimination in NH

What's the difference between employment discrimination and harassment?

What's the difference between harassment and job discrimination in NH? Knowing your workplace rights under NH's law gives you the information you need to determine whether you've been treated unfairly and if an incident qualifies as unlawful discrimination in NH.

In NH, the law views harassment and job discrimination differently, but do you know what the difference is? Upton & Hatfield has a team of attorneys that specialize in employment discrimination and harassment cases, providing you with a wealth of expertise in this field. Seeking advice from an Upton & Hatfield attorney can help you decide if your case meets the legal threshold for harassment or job discrimination in NH. Our attorneys can also discuss with you the various ways in which we can pursue a case, whether it is seeking a fair and reasonable settlement or taking the case to trial. If you believe you have encountered job discrimination or harassment, NH law may entitle you to relief.

If you have questions about employment discrimination, harassment or other workplace issues, Upton & Hatfield is ready to provide answers.