Go to Trial or Take a Discrimination Settlement?

Do most employment discrimination cases settle before trial?

Most people don't realize that discrimination cases often don't go to trial and that many result in a settlement. Upton & Hatfield attorneys are willing to take your case to trial, giving you leverage when negotiating with employers. Whether you go to trial or ultimately reach a settlement that works for you, Upton & Hatfield can answer any questions you might have about employment discrimination, the negotiating process, and what pursuing a discrimination case entails.

People seeking relief in a discrimination case are often at a disadvantage. Employers are armed with legal representation and have an incentive to settle and avoid trial. By seeking someone to represent them, employees get an advocate to fight on their behalf for the award they deserve. Whether this be through mediation, settlement, or by going to trial, Upton & Hatfield can help you navigate the litigation process and will never pressure you to take a discrimination settlement you do not want.

If you've been treated unfairly and believe you have experienced workplace discrimination, talk with us before agreeing to a discrimination settlement.