Personal Injury Lawyer Fees: What Are My Options?

How and when do I pay my attorney for a personal injury case?

Personal injury lawyer fees can be charged and paid in a variety of ways. This video discusses different forms of attorney fees with the personal injury and accident lawyers at Upton & Hatfield. Topics include how and when clients should pay an attorney in a personal injury case.

While most people know that attorneys charge an hourly rate, some may not realize that personal injury attorney fees can be paid in different ways. For example, Upton & Hatfield allows personal injury clients to pay a contingent fee, which means payment is made only after the successful outcome of a case. This payment option gives clients access to the expertise and resources within the personal injury and accident law division, while also ensuring fees do not become burdensome during the litigation process.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, accident injury or would like to know more about their personal injury litigation process, you can schedule a consultation on the Upton & Hatfield website.