How Are NH Personal Injury Settlements Determined?

How does someone determine the full extent of their damages in a personal injury case?

Once someone decides to move forward with a personal injury case in NH, a common question is how will the personal injury settlement be determined. There are a number of factors to consider when trying to determine a possible award. In this video, the attorneys from Upton & Hatfield's personal injury and accident law group discuss these factors and the best way to determine personal injury settlements in NH.

Upton & Hatfield attorneys have extensive experience negotiating personal injury settlements and are committed to ensuring their clients maximize their recovery in each case. Upton & Hatfield has the resources available to take even the most complex cases to trial, as well as advise clients on whether trial or settling is in their best interest.

Upton & Hatfield attorneys offer consultations to those who believe they have suffered a personal injury. For more information, or to speak to someone in the personal injury and accident law division, go to the Upton & Hatfield website.