Medical Malpractice Attorney Costs: Understanding Contingent Fees

Do clients in medical malpractice cases pay you by the hour?

Medical malpractice attorney fees are a major concern for anyone considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. This video discusses contingent fees, which are only paid upon a favorable case outcome. At Upton & Hatfield, all medical malpractice victims have the option of a contingent fee agreement.

It is not uncommon to find high medical malpractice lawyer fees when first approaching an attorney to take a case. Because of the complexity of these cases, medical malpractice attorney costs can be expensive, but having the assurance that you will not need to pay unless you have a successful outcome alleviates some of the worry. Providing clients with the option of a contingent fee agreement allows Upton & Hatfield clients the chance to focus on getting the medical treatments they need while their case is being litigated.

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely complicated and require not only thorough knowledge of the law, but also understanding of the medical field. By employing attorneys, nurses, and other specialized personnel, Upton & Hatfield has the expertise to effectively fight these complex cases. You can request a medical malpractice consultation through Upton & Hatfield's website.