N.H. Pharmacist Awarded Over $31 Million Against Walmart in Employment Suit

N.H. Pharmacist Awarded Over $31 Million Against Walmart in Employment Suit

CONCORD, NH — On January 28, 2016, New Hampshire Pharmacist Maureen McPadden was awarded over $31 million in her gender discrimination, whistleblower, and wrongful termination lawsuit against Walmart yesterday. A federal court jury heard the evidence during a five day trial. Ms. McPadden has been a licensed pharmacist since 1988, and worked for Walmart for over 13 years at the time she was fired.

In 2012, while working at Walmart’s Seabrook pharmacy, Ms. McPadden reported to management legal and safety concerns, including public safety risks due to untrained and insufficient technician staff at the pharmacy which she believed led to an increase in prescription errors. Shortly thereafter, she claims that Walmart fired her under false pretenses by using the loss of a pharmacy key as an excuse to get rid of her. Ms. McPadden also claimed that Walmart discriminated against her based on her gender. The jury found in Ms. McPadden’s favor on state and federal gender discrimination claims as well as New Hampshire’s Whistleblowers’ Protection Act and common law wrongful termination claims.

According to Ms. McPadden’s attorneys, this case is very important because it shows that New Hampshire citizens take the issues of gender discrimination and public safety seriously. They are grateful to their client, Maureen McPadden, for standing up to Walmart and bringing these discrimination and public safety issues to light.

Ms. McPadden is represented by Attorney Richard E. Fradette, who is both a pharmacist and a New Hampshire trial attorney, of the law firm of Beliveau, Fradette & Gallant, PA; and Attorney Lauren Simon Irwin, co-counsel, of the law firm of Upton & Hatfield, LLP.

Richard E. Fradette, RPH, MPH, JD
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer
Beliveau, Fradette & Gallant, PA
91 Bay Street
Manchester, NH 03104
Email: Rick@beliveau-fradette.com

Lauren S. Irwin, JD
President of NH Chapter of NELA
Upton & Hatfield, LLP
10 Centre Street, P.O. Box 1090
Concord, NH 03302-1090

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