What You Should Know About New Hampshire’s Patients’ Bill of Rights

New Hampshire’s Patients’ Bill of Rights

New Hampshire's Patients' Bill of Rights, RSA 151:21, contains many important protections for patients.

One of those important protections (RSA 151:21, IV) is that the patient shall be fully informed by a health care provider of his her or medical condition, health care needs, and diagnostic test results. This includes the manner by which such results will be provided and the expected time interval between testing and receiving results, unless medically inadvisable and so documented in the medical record.

The patient shall also be given the opportunity to participate in the planning of his or her total care and medical treatment, to refuse treatment, and to be involved in experimental research upon the patient’s written consent only.

New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Litigation

In a recent court decision from the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire, the Court allowed the injured party to pursue a claim for violation of the Patients’ Bill of Rights because there was evidence that the health care provider had not fully informed the injured patient of the results of an ultrasound examination.

The injured party had also alleged that the medical provider violated the Patients’ Bill of Rights by failing to give him a complete copy of his medical records, as required by RSA 151:21, X. The Court put off consideration of that issue while allowing the other claim to move forward.

If you learn that a health care provider has failed to fully inform you of your medical condition and/or your health care needs and/or diagnostic test care results, you should contact a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney to learn more about New Hampshire’s Patients’ Bill of Rights.

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